Zee Classic Is Premiering Haqeeqat (1964) – Famous Indochina War Movie On This Independence Day


Zee Classic, known for its approach of broadcasting Indian classic movies on a regular basis has decided to premiere the famous Sino-Indian War saga ‘Haqeeqat’ on the morning of Independence Day. Haqeeqat, directed by Chetan Anand and starring the likes of Dharmendra, Balraj Sahni, Priya Rajvansh, Sanjay Khan, Sudhir and Vijay Anand was released in 1964, right after 1962 – India China war. On the back of legendary performance by the entire star cast and an amazing direction by Anand, the movie won National Film Award for the second best feature film in 1965. Apart from Kaifi Azmi’s lyrics and Madan Mohan’s soulful music, Haqeeqat is remembered for its intriguing cinematography and powerful screenplay. Its war scenes can send instant shivers down your spine even after all these years.


No matter which part of the world you are based in, as long as you have Indian blood flowing in your veins, there cannot be a better way for you to start the morning of 15th August than watching haqeeqat and realising how many struggles Indian soldiers have to face to safeguard our national boundaries and give the upcoming generations a future they deserve. On top of it, the current situation of Indo-China conflict adds fuel to the fire. India and China constantly have border issues mainly in Depsang Plains, Disputed areas located near Aksai Chin, Trans-Karakoram Tract, Arunachal Pradesh and currently in Doklam, Bhutan. This problem will continue until both nations decide to concede and fix the situation. You can watch Haqeeqat and understand the history of these conflicts and how it all started in the first place.

Haqeeqat – A Movie Ahead of Its Time

HaqeeqatToday, we are used to of watching movies like Baahubali, Robot, Jungle Book, etc. with unbelievable cinematography and world-class VFX work. However, it wasn’t like this always. During the 1960s we had limited tools and techniques to bring any story to life on camera. Even after those limitations Chetan Anand did a remarkable job and made a movie which was ahead of its time.

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You won’t believe it was shot in the 60s with such limited techniques as the cinematography equals modern films to a great extent. Haqeeqat shows the valor of Indian soldiers who fought the Chinese Army that hugely outnumbered them. The film goes into details to showcase the troubles our soldiers go through like hunger, separation from their loved ones, injuries and much more. It starts on light note and heads to an intense war saga where the choices are made on life and death. The film is beautifully pictured in the rugged landscapes of Ladakh.

The Current State of Patriotism In India

Patriotism is almost a forgotten spirit in India nowadays. The spirit of love to the country, respect to its countrymen and determination to lead the country to a better future is lost in India to a great extent. Most people change their display pictures to show their love for the motherland and their friends show it by writing “Jai Hind” in comments. Patriotism has become more of a show business. The idea that one’s country is the best is the kind of nationalism that was very common in the later 1800s. We celebrate Gandhi Jayanti, but the essence of his Swadeshi Movement is neither understood nor replicated by us. We have freedom, but we are still not able to utilize our resources effectively. This all sums up to one thing- lack of patriotism among the youth. Yes, we celebrate Independence day on 15th August every year. But do we realize the essence of it? India’s youth is exposed to this scenario of violence, consumerism, and corruption. How can we expect a patriotic attitude from them?

The only solution to this problem is to inculcate patriotic thoughts among children at an early stage. Robert DuRant believes what children are exposed to teaches them how they are supposed to act. Keeping this fact in mind, we can show them patriotic movies that give a meaningful message. In the recent anti corruption movement, there was a high participation of youth. What was their motivation? Not only the fact that they were fed up with the system but they also were disappointed in the direction towards which country was headed and wanted to change it. It gives us a hope that patriotism is still alive. All we have to do is to preserve it and take it to higher levels. Patriotism does not have to have the same kind of aggressive edge that nationalism does. As stated earlier, the importance of Television in today’s world cannot be denied. Television reflects society and the society reflects what they see on Television. Haqeeqat is a patriotic film and will be a great watch on Independence Day.

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So, don’t forget to watch Haqeeqat on Zee Classic on 15th August 2017 at 9:00 AM.